Turning Organic Compost Pile

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Turning an organic compost pile can help stimulate the microorganisms that help break down compost materials. Learn some tips from turning your compost pile from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok. Now let's talk about turning the compost pile. Well, if it's all good, and you put this pile together right, you don't have to turn the compost pile. Because, if you layered it right, and you watered it right, and you got your microorganisms in there, and you put the compost inoculate in there, you shouldn't have to turn this pile. Now, obviously, this is a brand new pile that we just made today. But, if for some reason your pile didn't cook down, which means if your pile is four feet high, when it's finished it should be about a foot and a half high. And it should cook down, and it should go down, and you should be able to see that it looks like compost, not like this material. But if you come across your pile, and it hasn't done those things, then you're going to want to turn your pile. The way we would do that is we would do just like we did in the beginning. We would put holes in the ground so it would drain good. We would create--add some more sticks, which we've run out of. But we have plenty in the woods. You would add your leafy--your garden debris for aeration. And then you would start to turn your pile. You would take the top and you would put it on the bottom, just like this. And if you felt like you wanted to really get going again, that it wasn't going quite good enough, then you could go to your garden, do some more weeding, add some more green material in there in the middle. Then you would continue to shovel all this, as you can see, and turn it over. If you come across any debris that might be still too bulky, then that's what this nice fork is. You can smash it, bust it up, put it back in the pile. Continue to turn the pile until it's completely turned and the bottom is now on the top.