Garden Tools for Maintaining your Garden

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Hi! I'm Scott Reil on behalf of I would like to talk to you about tree and shrub maintenance. Lets talk about some of the tools you are going to need to maintaining your yard. Some of the basics that you need to go into right away are going to be things like shovels, there is a lot of things that are going to need digging up if your in the garden, when you are hitting that first big rock or even trying to do something as extensive as trying to take out a stomp. It still comes down to the old basic mark one model one shovel. We have talked a little bit about in our vegetable garden segment but a double action hose is one of my favorite tools for knocking out the seeds. This thing works fast I'm sure you are going to have to go back and do it on occasion because it doesn't get the root but if you knock it out enough times they wont come back. We talked a little bit about edging there is the old fashion edger like this which works great if you have got a establish edge but if you are putting a new edge on a boarder a lot of times the easies thing to do is a good squared off space. You are going to find yourself using a lot of these tools around your garden. Now must of maintenance is clean up and there is a couple of good tools for the job nothing beats a old fashion lawn rake. I like the metal ones because well heck I ran through a bamboo a couple of seasons but I had this metal one now for a few seasons and despite the fact that I have to bend back the occasional time it is still standing up to the punishment I handle out. Sometimes if we are raking up stick and twigs and whatnot maybe the garden rake is a better choice then the lawn rake. It is handy to have one around. One of my best maintenance tools is my kangaroo bags these are wonderful because I can fold them right down and store them away next to nothing in size and pop them right up and have a good size garbage can that is light and easy for me to carry around the yard. Finally the most important part of maintenance pruning if you have a hedge this is your best weapon through out that electric head shears they don't work very well, they hurt your plant, hand operated are the best. For smaller pruning jobs you are going to want to use hand pruners theses are the small hand sizes this is good for up to a thumb size and anything larger up to maybe a half of inch 3/4s inch around this is the right job. Get a saw after that. With a couple of the right tools you would be able to do maintenance around your garden yourself with no trouble at all.