How to Choose Area for a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to choose an area for a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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How to choose the right area to begin perennial gardening. Well there's lot of factors involved. How big you have a plot of land, where the sun is. If this is your first try, sometimes you can get different plants that are given to you from friends. With me, I happen to buy this house about 25 years ago and I had never done perennial gardening before, but lots of my closest friends did and they were all anxious for me to get going. To choose a spot it's really hard. In this particular piece of land we have lots of pricker bushes and fields. I thought well how do I get started. Then I happen to go into the garage and I found this old wagon wheel. One of the fundamental things about perennial gardening is you have to have a focal point to begin with. Sometimes you just put a bunch of plants in the ground and your eye doesn't have a place to start and follow. I thought well put this wagon wheel in the ground and we'll go from here. This was a little corner of the lawn. So the wagon wheel started, then we put in some fairly tall shrugs that kind of encircled the wagon wheel. Little by little added some flowers. Some of these flowers as you can see, they all bush out to be twice the size in one year. Added some other plants and probably within 3 years we had the beginning of a perennial garden. After you get started, then you just add. You go to gardening centers, you shop with friends. I have a group of friends and we just switch plants around and that's how I began and that's how anybody can begin.