Planting in Your Corner Garden

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Select the best area in your yard to plant. Taking measurements. Learn about power lines and property borders. Learn about digging the right size hole for the right size plant. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Selecting the area for the garden well I decided the front yard of the house would be perfect to start another area for gardening my plants. It's going to be in the front of the yard, next to my neighbors front yard as well whenever you get to a point like that be sure that you consult with your neighbor so both of you are in a agreement what's the boarder line between your property and his property. Once you have establish that you have to take measurements because remember we are going to plant a palm tree along with a vincas remember both of them like torcher when it comes to the soil. Not only are we going have better control of the moisture but both plants are going to do well together they are just going to take off. Also remember that this particular palm that we have is medium size which is going to take years to grow because they only grow between 6-8 inches per year. Also take into consideration there is no power lines right above it because once they grow you don't want them to be damaging any other power lines. Another thing that I took into consideration is the top soil that is right here I mean it's tough and it is just going to work perfect not only for the palm but the for the vincas and perhaps for future plants that you are going to incorporate with your flowerbed right here. That is going to be perfect and this is how we select the area for plant a palm garden.