Organic Compost Starter

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A compost starter has the microorganisms necessary to help break down the materials in your organic compost pile. Learn more about compost starters from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright lets take a little time to talk about the compost starter. Now a compost starter has the microorganisms that are inoculated in the compost starter. They can come in little packs that looks like dirt or they come in clay that has been inoculated with the microorganisms. What we want to do is we want to get those microorganisms active so we are going to put them in this water right here in this barrel. Now I have already put the compost starter in here but now we're going to want to stir this up. What we're going do is we are going to give it a, get it going so that it creates a great vortex and we do not want to use metal, we want to use, as you see this is a food grade recycled pickle barrel. As you see I am getting a pretty good vortex here. The water here is getting darker and darker, we are getting those microorganisms which are going to actually eat, these microorganisms are the only animal that I actually use in my compost or in my garden, are these little microscopic animals called microorganisms. I use this old weed here because it is handy. As you can see it is vortexing very nicely and now she is ready to be put on the compost pile. So what we are going to do is we again we we watered the pile with some of this but we want, we really need, to with a brand new compost pile, which is all dry material pretty much we want to really get them wet, we really want to get these microorganisms going. So the food is already in here to feed them in the pile, we woke them up by putting them in the water and stirring them up. And this particular water is spring water you would not want to use chlorinated water. So if you have in your garden situation, you're working with city water or any water that's treated you would want to dechlorinate that water before you would add it to your pile. Otherwise you might as well not be doing this because the chlorinated water is a killer. It is a killer to micro organisms and it is a killer to our bodies too.