Dividing Perennials in Your Garden

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of expertvillage.com I like to talk to you about perennial gardens. One of the things that you can do to keep your perennials healthy and happy is every couple of year or so give them a good divide. Now ones like these day lilies here would probably do okay but it is starting to crowd itself in this garden bed. I think it is time to give a quick dig and a divide and it is pretty easily done in this case. Hammer cow that is for day lilies pop out of the ground fairly easily. They tend to have a really strong root system but it is shallow so it divides pretty quickly. Now there is several different ways to divide these apart a lot of times day lilies are just going to come apart easily enough where they would pull apart by hand or on a tougher divide plant like a iris or a perennial grass you can put two forks in back to back and use them to split apart the plant. Either way digging, dividing these plants are going to let you have more plants to start elsewhere, give away to friends, family, or increase your own garden bed and it is going to make the plant remain a healthier, happier plant. So remember keep an eye on your perennials, divide them regularly, they would let you know when it is time and you have more plants than you would know what to do with.