Picking Mulch for Japanese Boxwoods

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Mulch is an important step in caring for plants. Learn how to pick mulch for Japanese boxwood in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Okay, we've got our Boxwood's all planted. Now, I'm going to talk a little bit about what kind of mulch you should choose. First of all, think about how this mulch is going to look. You want to create a mulch that looks good in your landscape and compliments your property. Don't even think about skipping the mulch. You want to use mulch. Mulch will help to protect the roots of your Boxwood from hot sun or heavy rains and erosion. And you really need mulch to insure a healthy plant. Today, we're going to use a large wood bark and there are different sizes of wood bark that you can use. You can also choose decorative rocks, like river rocks. Those are large, polished stones, that have a really nice smooth appearance. There's pea gravel, a very inexpensive choice. Arizona gravel has a nice pinkish reddish hue. There's different colors of rocks you can use. Multi-colored. Now, you want to avoid choosing a mulch that is too light. For example, okay, for a mulch, you don't want to use leaves or cocoa holes. That type of mulch will simply blow in the wind or be washed away by heavy rain. You could try using just a chipped wood bark that you created yourself and using a wood chipper. But just be sure that it's heavy enough. Be sure to use mulch and choose a mulch that looks good.