Potting Soil for Growing Verbena Plants from Cuttings

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How to select and handle potting soil for growing Verbena plants from cuttings; get professional tips and advice from an expert on caring for plants and flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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There is several kinds of potting soils that I use to plant these cuttings from our verbena. There is a premium grade which is all peat moss organic matter, this is important because of the moisture holding capacity and ability of the product to not only hold it but to absorb moisture. There is another kind of potting soil which has a lot of actual dirt in it, it has actual sand along with the organic matter. It's a cheaper product but it doesn't hold moisture and it does not hold moisture as well, also it's heavier. That becomes important when you start talking about pot plants that you have in your home that you may want to move outside because of more sun or to take advantage of a rain or something like that. The heavier the plant is the less likely it would be to be moved out to get that kind of sun or even to be moved in to get protection from a freeze. So a light potting mixture like a premium grade it has no soil in it it's probably a pretty good deal.