Hoop House Farming: Planting Seeds

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Farming and seed planting both have very important techniques and tips to follow to get the best results out of plants. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So, one of the many uses of the hoop house is a place to germinate seeds in the early spring and get them started with a head start that wouldn't be enjoyed with outdoor plantings. Now, you might say that these beet seeds could go outdoors; it's April already. Indeed they could go outdoors, but the cold soil and perhaps the variable conditions might lead to marginal germination and a slow development. By planting these valuable; these are both heirloom beets, actually three types of beets here. We have Kiogia from Italy, a Detroit Dark Gold and a Lutz beet which are known for their delicious leaves. By giving ourselves a little nursery row; notice I'm planting them a little thicker than I might for ordinary use, because each and everyone will be transplanted outdoors when the time comes. This is really just a nursery bed. I'm going to cover them over and mulch them lightly in with some of that nice dusty mulch. Give them a little bit of protection from water damage on the surface of the soil. Then finally we just need a marker to let us know where to expect our Lutz beets to come up.