Spreading Mulch on Japanese Boxwood

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Mulch is an important step in keeping your plants healthy. Learn how to spread mulch on Japanese boxwood in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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Now that we've chosen our mulch, it's time to start spreading it. Before we even begin to spread the mulch, it's very important to create a nice, even, level soil surface, that way, when we apply the mulch, the mulch itself will be able to create a nice, even layer of the mulch. I'm going to use a hoe to even the soil surface, and I'm going to use the corner edge of the hoe to create a nice, straight line along the border. I can kind of push and pull the soil back and forth a little. Just want to get that nice and even. Once your soil's even, it's time to start spreading the mulch, so go ahead and just pull, start pulling that mulch out of the bag, spreading it out. Do a little at a time. Just going to try to create that three inch layer. We don't want our mulch to be too thin because then, it might get kicked to the side and not cover the trench and that won't look good, not to mention, that the roots of the Boxwood won't be protected. These are the main considerations to think about when spreading your mulch.