How to Start a Vegetable Garden

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden - Provided by eHow
A vegetable garden can be planted on a large property or in a container on a small porch using a high-quality organic compost and a few seeds. Start growing vegetables and herbs to save money at the grocery store with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I wanted to talk about how to start a vegetable garden. Now vegetable gardens are so rewarding. And they're so easy to grow and you don't have to have a large piece of property or a house in the country to have a vegetable garden. You can just use a very small area even if you have a deck or patio or any area that gets a little bit of sun. And you can create your own vegetable garden. And the easiest way is to just use some bricks or cement blocks and just build them up. And you can fill it in with good organic composted material. Anything that's good potting soil or really earthy. And I like to mix flowers with herbs and different types of vegetables and in that way, you can enjoy everything with your dinner. And you have everything at your access. And even if you have a very small area, you can grow a vegetable garden. But I found, if you do have a small area, don't grow corn because it will get five feet tall. Stick with smaller vegetables like carrots and radishes and lettuce and different types of herbs like thyme and rosemary. And that way you can really enjoy all of your herbs with your vegetables. And you can enjoy your own vegetable garden.