Introduction to Growing Cactus Succulents

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Along the same lines of a succulent are cactus. They are a little bit tougher as far as having thorns and stuff but this particular cactus is what is called a thorn cactus although it does have very tiny stickers on each one of these little bumps right here. There is a little tiny sticker. That is the reason why I'm wearing rubber coated gloves. You don't have to have much cause the thorns are not very large. But they would get in your skin and you'll be picking them out with tweezers tonight if you don't do nothing about it. What we're going to do, cactus is one of the easiest things to propagate from cuttings what we're going to do is just take a pad. I got a smaller clipper here and I just snip it off one of the pads and it will be good leave this pad over night at least and let this fresh cut right here. Let it scab over like we talked about with the alligator jaw earlier. The plant exposed to the sun will make it scab as much as your skin would if you had cut yourself. That protects it from bacteria and other micro organisms get in and causing some kind of rotten problem with root growth.