How to Grow Obedient Plants

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Another great plant that on the surface doesn't look like it is wonderful but it is in many ways called the obedient plant, false dragon head, Physostegia there is so many names for this plant. But basically speaking it stands straight with a fairly hefty flower head on the top. Now in this garden that I have there is lots of green cages that you don't see holding up lots of these plants cause otherwise they just flap right over. The trick is to put the cages in the spring and it grows into the them and you don't see them. This plant of the other hand you don't have to do anything with it grows straight, it is sturdy, it has a nice pale flower. There is one that comes out about 3 weeks same kind of a flower a little bit more then a brilliant pink. It is a nice feeling plant the only you have to be careful is this does spread really really quickly So in plants like this what I often times would do is dig a trench around them and there is a trench down in the ground and it basically stops the roots from growing. So if you dig a nice sharp trench, stop the roots and then these plants could be contained to a very nice little red and could be a great part of your garden.