The Best Seeds to Harvest

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The Best Seeds to Harvest - Provided by eHow
Open pollinating seeds are the best seeds to harvest. But what are open pollinating seeds and why are they so good for harvesting? Find out in this free online gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I’m Gale and I’m here to talk about seed harvesting. The best seeds to harvest are open pollinating seeds. These are seeds that have been around since before the Europeans have settled in our country. They are in the natural state. And these seeds have not been altered through hybridization or genetic modification, and they are dynamic seeds that can adapt to the environment. A lot of the hybrid seeds and genetically altered seeds cannot adapt to the environment.

It’s actually hard to find open pollinating seeds today. Two places that you can find them are a company called Seeds of Change, and a company called Native Seeds Search. And these have the original seeds, pre-Europe settlement seeds.