How to Cut Cactus for Propagation

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Next, we're going to cut some cactus. As you can see, there's all kind of thorns here and I don't really want to touch them so we can do one of two things. I could take this newspaper and try to hold onto it and cut it with a knife or better yet, I think I'm gonna use some gloves. I'm gonna take my knife, and it's actually easier when the spines are bigger, because it's easier, they don't hurt as much, I don't like these little spine ones, they always, they're nasty, stick in to you. So, I just cut one, cut that one, even just touching it you can see all the little hairs just coming out, they're not very nice. There's one, then I see this one, which creates these little balls, so I'm kinda curious to see if we can just pick off some of these balls. There's one right there, lets do another one, lets see if we can get these to root. Great, here we go, we have a few cactus ready to go, some cactus cuttings.