Benefits of Transplanting Plants

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Got overgrown plants? Get tips for transplanting bushes and flowers in this free video clip about how to transplant perennials. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we are going to be talking about transplanting and even dividing clumps of perennials. Anybody whoever planted a flower bed or a perennial bed especially can get into the situation where it gets overgrown or it's in the wrong location. Plans change and it needs to be moved. So what we are going to do here is give some tips and ideas on possibly some easy ways you can save these overgrown plantings and move them to another location or even share them with your neighbors. Anytime that a garden has been in place for awhile, the plan may change or the vision may and that would lead to the movement of any kind of plant that may be planted be it trees or shrubberies or in this case some perennial herbs.