How to Create Wild Borders in your Garden with Native Plants

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Learn how to use native plants to create wild borders around your cultivated garden in this free garden maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Scott Reil on behalf of I would like to talk to you about tree and shrub maintenance. now lets talk about the part of the garden that is still in progress here at my house but is s a idea that I hope you could adapt to your garden to. Welcome to what my wife calls the weed patch and that is exactly what a lot of these are these are plants that I took out of friends garden things like goldenrod, veronicastrums which is culver's root, symphytums and these are plants that are wild native in this area. Now I try to do that for a couple of reasons native plants are what feeds and take care of our native birds and wildlife around the area even our native insects. Lately our local honeybees have been getting a lot of press because they have been disappearing and again it is a lot of our culture that we do in our own gardens are creating situations that are killing honeybees. So think about where you could maybe do a little less gardening in your yard or places where you could add native plants like this ostragefirms or this little pogoda dogwood. Again plants that didn't cost me a thing because I pulled them out of a friends garden when they thought they where weeds. We need to start examining how we look at plants in our yard and in our wildlife. its easy for us to write a plant off as a weed that is less then beautiful, less then useful but if you explain that to a butterfly he is going to have a whole different take on it. so if there are places in your yard that you could let wild or even help it become a little more wild it is a great way to create a place where nature can come and visit you in your own yard. try it you would like it.