Organic Compost Pile Locations

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Organic Compost Pile Locations - Provided by eHow
It's important to plan the location of your organic compost pile in order to best protect your garden. Learn how to plot your organic compost pile from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, let's talk about location of your compost pile because that's very important. I have plenty of room here on my farm. So, so I don't have any trouble finding a location for it. But in some instances, you are limited in the space. I recommend the best place to do your compost pile is in your garden. Usually in the middle of your garden so that you can always go to the compost and work your compost out into your beds. Also, your compost pile, once you make it, will attract lots of worms. And so you're encouraging the worms to come into your garden by composting your pile in your garden area where you're working. And the compost pile is also great to be having in your garden because most of the materials that you'll be using to make your compost are coming out of your garden. And so they're all right there and they're all very readily available, and it makes it all easy and simple to do. So I recommend that you do your, your compost pile in your garden so it's easy for you.