Pt 2: Transplanting: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Part 2 - Learn how to transplant plants for a home or backyard vegetable garden in this free organic gardening video. Get beginner gardening tips & ideas. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing I'm telling you this is my favorite part we actually get to do the transplanting and the planting of the seeds. Now I'm going to start working from this end from the front. Let's start with the peppers right here. You see how nicely it soaked it, it got all that moisture that it needed after we soaked it for 20 minutes, it is perfect it is ready for its new hole. We got the hole ready, just plant right here, get some dirt all around some soil all around it. Now what we are going to do with this one, kind of do another little dam all around it, because what we are going to do... now when we water it, we want it to hold more water there on the side. So that is perfect we will finish with that later. Now I'm going to show you what we are going to do with the row. Remember we have our carrots the carrots have a little package here, get out your scissors, we want to use the package for labeling so we know what we planted where. What we are going to do is cut here on the center cause we are going to use these as markers later on. Just get one seed at a time remember we already have the little holes that we created just one seed drop it in center, there we go, put a little bit of soil just gently. Give you a few inches of separation and we do the same thing another one and another one and we keep doing that all to we are done. When you get to the green beans those ones space them as well, you know 2 inches apart, and the seed seem to be a little bigger, so just make the hole a little bigger if you need a bigger hole. When you come to the lettuce you will do the same thing, when you come the peas it is going to be the same thing you know drop one at a time. Let's finish all of this guys so we can finish our next step and this is how we do our planting and replanting for our vegetable garden.