Watering Flower Bulb Containers

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Watering Flower Bulb Containers - Provided by eHow
Just like nature, soak your flower containers well with water and then let them dry. Learn more tips for watering in this free gardening video about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com and in this series we’re learning all about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. And in this segment were going to talk about, how to water the containers cause I think most people that's the hardest part about it. You've got a beautiful container of bulbs and then you're just so obsessed about how I'm suppose to take care of them. Well an easy rule of thumb that I really believe in is think about nature. In nature it rains really hard everything gets really wet and then it dries out. And then everything kind of fades a little bit or wilt a bit and then it rains again and they do well again. The key to watering containers is water them well, just soak them until there just a mud pit but dry them out all the way again. Let them dry out until the point that the plants are almost wilting and then soak them again. And I found that I get a lot more flowers that way. It doesn't matter if it a bulb, roses, kalalillies any kind of plant. It seems that by drying them out here and there like nature intends them to do, they will bloom more. So the key to watering your potted plants is never let them sit in water. So always make sure that the water is drained out and that there never sitting in a platter or there never just sitting soaked full of water. And also in the winter time keep them really dry, up against the eves or even in the garage because they really don't want to get too wet. So now that we know how to water our potted bulb plants, let’s talk about how to maintain them.