Flower Bulb Container Placement

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Different flower containers do well in specific areas. Learn where to place flower bulb containers in this free gardening video about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. And in this series we're learning all about how to plant containers using flower bulbs. And we've learned all about the different types of flower bulbs we can use, and the different ways that we can plant them. And now we have some containers together, and we've got to decided where are we going to place them. Well I've found that bulbs do love to break the rules, just like people do. So a lot of plants will do well in the shade, if they're a sun plant. And they're in the sun if they're a shade plant. And the easy way to figure that one out is, if you've got weeds or ferns growing up in your yard, then most containers will do well there. Because they get extra heat from the container. If it's a full hot blazing sun area, sometimes the plants in there could get sunburned, so ideally the ultimate spot for a container is somewhere on the side of the house or the fence where it does get a little bit of afternoon shade, but it gets hot sun all day. That's the ultimate spot, but yet even in my own sunny spots of my yard in the northwest, I usually don't lose many plants. Because we just have that really mild climate that they love. So if you live in a warmer climate, maybe go a little bit shadier, if you live in a colder climate then you need to put all of your containers out in the full sun. And your plants kind of tell you what they need you to know, because if they look like they're getting really hot, where they're at then maybe put them in a little more shade. That's the great thing about containers, they can move. And that's the glory, you can always move them around. There's always a different spot you can put them from year to year, to enjoy in the different spots. And if they start getting lanky because they're in too much shade, put them in sun. They're really easy to change out too. So a lot of time I'll plant my spring blooming bulbs in a container, switch that out, plant the spring blooming bulbs in the ground. And then I'll put my summer blooming bulbs in the container for the summer, and then just keep that container dry in the winter. And put it back outside in the spring again. Next we'll talk about how to water your containers.