Growing Perennial Plants In Containers

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Hi I'm Scott Reil on behalf of I would like to talk to you about perennial gardening's. People thing as perennials as something they have to stay out in the border but I've experimented in the past few years and I found that there's a lot of good reasons to bring perennials in the containers. Here's a couple of good reasons heres a perennial oregano now this guy can be a little rowdy in the garden but by bring him into a container it keeps him contained in one spot. That's the kind of containment we need for a plant like this, the same goes for this garden mint here to. This mint would certainly be a wonderful addition to anybody's garden as long as you keep it contained but let this one loose in the garden the next thing you know it's taken up acreage. But those are both with garden usage sometimes you just want plants with a good estedics in containers this is going to be an addition to my shade containers. It's perennial hosta I just dug it out of the back yard just a few minutes ago, what's this going to do for me, well not a lot of flowers. But it's going to bring some great yellows and greens into my container gardens and a big nice chunky broad leaf, it's going to contrast a lot with the other lighter open plants that are over there. So don't be afraid to experiment and think about bring perennials out of the perennial border and into your container gardens. You'll be surprise at the combinations you can come up with.