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Get tips for growing organic peppers, tomatoes and garlic in your vegetable garden in this free gardening video lesson for beginners. View Video Transcript

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This is my organic garden. We’re in the middle section of my garden - my three-tiered organic garden. And this small section here has little tiny hills and cucumbers and peppers are planted in the hills. These are pepper plants that are about a month old and they’re just beginning to get their first blooms. And these are cucumbers that are also about a month old and they’re also beginning to bloom, which, actually there’s a little cucumber beginning right there. That’s exciting.

And then these are the tomatoes. Tomatoes need to be staked. And you can see there’s lots of blooms on these tomatoes. Also, on the other side of the tomatoes I have more peppers. This is a great way to stake the tomatoes. It’s simple, it’s something you can use season to season, remove as you rotate your crops, you can move this around. So all you do is put these stakes in the ground and you get this hardware cloth from- you get it by the panel and you just reuse this panel. Be sure that you turn the ends so no one gets hurt on the sharp edges.

And also in this garden is garlic. This is wild garlic, and it- you can use this like chives. And it just propagates and you can cut it all the way down and within a couple of weeks it’s grown out like this again, and I use this all the time.