Cleaning a Walk Behind Lawn Spreader

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Now that we've used our spreader; it's time to clean it up, especially if you've had fertilizer or pesticides in it. You need to get it as clean as possible, get all the residue off of it. One of the things I like to do is turn it upside down, and start upside down, because you need to wash it from all angles. So once we get it upside down, we take a garden hose to it. Now there are two methods of cleaning a spreader. One of them is a wipe down method, which is when you use an oily rag, or at least a clean rag to wipe off all the exposed metal, and get as much of the little tiny particles out of all the cracks and crevices. In my opinion, is almost impossible to do, that's where water comes in. As rule of thumb, a good wipe down job, is better than a sorry wash down, so if you don't wash it well, you might as well not have got the hose out. You could have just used a paper towel and get after it. Then when you get it washed on the underside, stand it up, open the gate at the bottom, so the water that is sprayed in the hopper will flow right on through. I start by washing out the hopper. Once I get the hopper done, I wash off the controls and the underside from the top. From both sides, tilt it up and get underneath. From the back, tilt it up and get under there, and then from the front. If you wash it from all angles, and your not scared to use a little water, it's very likely, you'll extend the life of that piece of equipment many times. Fertilizers and pesticides, in general, it's just safe to assume that they are going to be corrosive to metal especially.