Tips for Fresh-Looking Mulch

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Tips for Fresh-Looking Mulch - Provided by eHow
Raking over mulch is a good way to make it look fresh and allow water to permeate the clumps of mulch. Learn to keep mulch attractive from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Generally speaking, we recommend mulching once a year. And after a few months, your mulched area might not have that quite neat, tidy appearance that you would like anymore. But it's very easy to keep your mulch looking nice and fresh, just with a few simple techniques. The first thing that you can do is just come in with a rake and rake the debris off the top. Just by getting out the little bit of twigs and leaves that have fallen down, it already freshened the appearance of our mulch. The other thing that you can do is to just take your rake, after you rake the debris off, and give it just a good turning over. This serves two purposes. Not only does it make it look nice and fresh, but sometimes mulch can knit together so well that it will not only prevent weeds from germinating, but sometimes it can actually prevent water from absorbing very well into the soil. And by coming out and just breaking it up and raking it, you just make it easier for water to penetrate into the ground. So, with just a little tiny bit of raking, it looks like I've done all the hard work of re-mulching this whole area.