Pine Straw Mulch

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Pine straw mulch is a great garden mulch made from dried and collected pine needles. Learn to use pine straw mulch from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Pine straw is a great mulch to use in the garden, and pine straw is actually just pine needles that are raked up off the ground and baled and sold in your local nursery. It's a great, renewable mulch that is actually just raked up from underneath pine trees. They naturally shed their needles. So, it's a really wonderful mulching option to use. It's great because it's wonderful on a slope. It will actually help prevent some of the erosion. Some other mulches might tend to wash away, but this one kind of knits together and sticks to the ground really, really well. So with this mulch, we're just going-I like to just pull the-it'll kind of flake apart. And I just like to shake it out onto the ground so that I get a nice, thick covering of the pine needles.