How to Mow, Edge & Trim a Lawn

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For lawn maintenance, edge grass with a blade, mow the lawn in different directions, trim grass evenly and use a blower to remove grass clippings. Learn about safety equipment, such as earplugs and glasses, when mowing a lawn with this free video from a... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to mow, edge and trim a yard. Well, at Showplace Lawns, we don't call it that. We call it edge, mow, trim and blow. A little rhyme so we know what we're doing. First thing you want to do is safety. Safety is very important. Protect your ears. A pair of ear plugs like these will work wonders for you. A better thing yet are these ear muffs. Definitely need to take care of your ears. Not so much your ears, but your hearing. Your hearing is important. Second of all, a good pair of safety glasses. Protect your eyes. In both cases, you got one set of ears to hear, you got one set of eyes to see. Please be careful and take care of them by wearing safety glasses and ear protection. When doing the lawn, the best way to do it, to approach it, is to edge it first with an edger that has a blade. Do not use the weed eater as a trimmer, you won't get a very good edge, it'll wave around on you. The edger with the blade is your best way to go. Follow that with the mowing. Mow the yard one direction one week, a different direction the next week, a still different direction the following week and you can change directions four different times. That will allow the grass to stand straight all the time instead of sort of leaning. After mowing, then you do your trimming. Trimming best that way so you can run across and use the mowed grass as your height and get a good cut even with the grass. And then the blowing part which is the cleanup. To incorporate stuff back into the yard using it as a mulch and cleaning up the property. So as I said in the beginning, edge, mow, trim and blow.