How to Trim Roses

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When trimming roses, only trim back about one third of the plant by cutting it back to the branches. Trim roses with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, from In this segment, we're going to learn about how to trim back our roses, how to trim our roses, because over the years, or even over the summer, my rose gets really lanky, and not very even looking, so I want to know how to trim my rose. So, when trimming a rose, it's just like trimming your hair. You won't want to take it all the way down. You just want to give it a little bit of a haircut, and a good rule of thumb with most plants, is never trim more than one third of the plant down, so you want to trim it back about one third, and make it more even. When you trim it, you want to trim it to a point where there's another branch coming off, and at an angle, so I'm just trimming it where there's another branch, and I'm going to make it more, so that this is a big circle, instead of a big Medusa, so I'm just cutting it back to where the branches are, and I'm just trying to make it kind of in a circle, and I'm not trimming it more than one third down. You don't want to totally devastate the plant, and you can pretty much trim it, anytime of the year. I've trimmed it in the spring. In the fall, is the most important, but a lot of times in the late summer, it's good to trim them back, because then you'll turn around and get some more flowers in the fall, so anytime I get to it, I trim, and that also means trimming off all the dead plants, or the dead wood as well, so once you've trimmed it back a bit, and made it a little more even, it will grow a lot more shoots, and it will become more of a circle again, or a ball, instead of just this big lanky monster, and it will be a beautiful rose, and I bet by this fall, I'll get more blooms.