Herb Garden Care & Maintenance

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Herb garden care & maintenance: Growing your own indoor - outdoor herb garden: Learn how to make a basic herb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation methods, planting techniques, and herb plant... View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing expertvillage.com. Well, we have gone over indoor or outdoor herb garden, what do we do now as well. We have to maintain it. Well let's start with a indoor herb garden that you have. As always, check the water drainage every other day. Be sure that your plants are getting at least 4 hours of sunlight. If you don't have a window, pull that pot every other day, at least so it can get some sunshine. Also, don't place your plants near the stove. Don't kill them with that heat; it is going to kill them. And just enjoy your indoor herb garden. We always want to smell that wonderful herbs in the kitchen. We step in there, we want to smell it. Remember, don't forget about the plant food, don't forget to water it, check for drainage as well. Come on let's move outside, cause that is a different story. Remember outside they are going to get sunlight just about every single day. Check for if they are turning yellow, or if the leaves are kind of dying. If that is happening, most likely either you are watering it to much, the drainage is bad, or the plant is just basically getting too much sun. That is why it is important that you know your plants. One of the signs of to much sun is they are going to start turning yellow. The leaves are going to start dying, so it is time for you to find them a new home; that is what you need to do. Perhaps they need to be underneath the tree. Okay, so look for those signs. And of course don't forget the plant food. Plant food is very important to grow freely and beautiful, and remember it is only done between 7-14 days don't; overdo it. You know talking about survival, unfortunately these plants are not going to be year round; it is all going to depend what state you live in. If that happens, don't worry; replace that rosemary with another rosemary. Wow, today you decided now you are going to start eating fish. Well you know what? Get some herbs that you could utilize with your wonderful fish. And every year be creative; add a different herb that you don't have. Let that mint just take all over your garden. Well, this is how we maintain a herb garden.