How to Grow Herbs in a Greenhouse

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Growing herbs in a greenhouse is a great way to enjoy them all year round, and most herbs will continue growing through the winter when the brown parts are trimmed off. Grow a variety of herbs in the greenhouse, such as spearmint, thyme, rosemary and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about "How to Grow Herbs in a Greenhouse". Now herbs can grow pretty much anywhere, they can grow outside in your garden, they can grow inside in your house, and they can grow in your greenhouse. Now the benefits of growing them in the greenhouse is that they will stay green through the winter and they usually don't even die back if you protect them. For example, I've got all types of plants in my greenhouse here and we just had the worst winter in forty years here in the Northwest. We had freezing temperature for two weeks and pretty much all the cities and schools have been out for three weeks now. So everything stopped, but my plants have not stopped growing in the greenhouse, and I'm thrilled! I just have no heat at all and I've just covered it with plastic, underneath the plastic of the greenhouse, and everything has survived and even thrived! So I can even enjoy herbs through the winter. For example, this Spearmint still has all types of foliage on it, it hasn't died back at all, even in the cold temperatures, but it's been under the plastic so it's been like it's been indoors. And this Thyme, I can grow it right into a pot or right into a container, it doesn't matter what size that you put it in, as long as I keep it moist but not let it sit in water so it rots, and let it dry out in between, and never leave it too dry either, it's going to thrive year-round in a greenhouse. And I can just cut out of it as needed and use it year-round. So this Oregano has died back completely, it's gotten too cold, I left it outside for quite a while too. But if you notice underneath I've got all these new shoots coming up, so I haven't killed it. So many herbs will go dormant even in a greenhouse, and as long as the roots are still alive I just trim back the brown parts and many times they'll grow back. So half of the plants you grow in the greenhouse will have a dormant period, even if they're in a greenhouse, so when they die back just chop the brown parts off, let them go dormant for the winter and then they'll just come up again in the spring. So I never throw away plants unless I'm really sure that there's nothing left of them because many times even if part of a plant survives the winter it will still thrive the next year. Growing herbs or flowers in a greenhouse is a really easy thing to do and it's just like growing another plant in your house or outside, you just give it water, let it dry out, give it water, let it dry out, give some fresh air, open the doors here and there in the greenhouse, and you'll find that your herbs will just thrive there!