How to Grow Squash in a Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. One of the easiest vegetables to grow in your vegetable garden are squashes there are a big vigorous plant really need some room to stretch around so make sure you got room for them but once they start coming in with the crop well that is when things really began to pay off. Now a lot of people have a tendency to over plant these and that is when you start ended up with a bags full of zucchini on your door step because the guy the road decided that he buy the whole 6 pack and plant the whole 6 pack so maybe you just need 1 or 2 zucchini plants and that would take care of you and probably your friends and family as well. But summer squash is the yellow type the yellow goer neck type I can't get enough we have put in a lot of plants. The other trick here is I don't like to wait until they get really big and one squash feeds the whole family I like to get them when they are small they tend to be more tender, more flavorful, more concentrated in there flavors and they really really are taste of summer for me that is why they are often called summer squash. Some of the things that you have to worry about as your growing your summer squash, squash beetles they are going to show up they are little orange guy with black strips on them he is going to start chewing at your leaves and you would first notice that your leaves are kind of getting skeltonize there is a look almost like the lace to them as he chews all the part in between the veins. Its one of those things that when they show up they could do damage fast so keep a eye out for them both at those little over stage where they look like a little orange pale and later for that beetle that has the stripes on him. Now that is just one type of squash and there is a lot of other squashes out there things like pumpkins are consider squash or another one that I have grown in my garden is acorn squash. Now this is a real New England flavor me and maybe you have seen them with that dark green skin and that orangey flash it just have that flavor to it that it is a little reminiscing of pumpkin but it is again on of those falls things. A fall flavor for me just a little butter a little cinnamon, cut them in half, put them on a roasting pan and give them say a half hour or 40 minutes until there are tender and that is about as good as eating in the garden it gets. So all the way from summer with your summer squash to fall with your acorns squash, squash make really good eating in the garden.