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A shovel, turning fork, hoe and gardening gloves are a few of the tools and supplies you can use to grow an organic garden. Learn more about basic gardening tools and how to use them in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I’m Gale, and I’m here to talk about organic gardening. These are my tools - I use a shovel, for shoveling the dirt. A turning fork for loosening the soil, turning the dirt, mixing the dirt. I use a hoe, but I prefer, instead of a hoe, I like this cultivator that has a pointed edge - it’s easier for me. These are my gardening gloves. I find that the type with the rubber on the side that you use to work with your soil, the working side, lasts longer. And it’s also waterproof.

And these are my hand tools. This is my favorite hand tool. I can get along with just this one, but sometimes I have friends and family helping me in the garden for some of these others. But this is good for loosening the soil and this is good for hoeing. You can do the whole garden with this hoe, once your soil is prepared properly.

Then sunscreen, a sun hat that covers you well- either large brim or it comes down around the face and neck. And even my shirt is UV resistant.