How to Use a Ground Cover in Your Yard or Garden

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Use ground cover plants in a yard or garden when regular flowers or plants will not grow. Consider using succulent plants in dry areas or moss in moist climates, as ground cover, with advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to use ground covers for your yard and garden. There are so many different types of plants that you can use as a ground cover but there are different factors that you should consider whether it is sunny or shady, whether it is really wet or really dry and then we will go from there. There are so many options. If you have got a really wet area and it never dries out, your grass isn't growing there and it is too shady there are different grasses that you can use as a ground cover and this Irish moss, any type of moss is really pretty for the shade and this has really pretty little white flowers that bloom in the Spring time through the Summer and they are depending on where you leave and it is a beautiful ground cover for shade. Now succulents make great ground covers too. Here is an ice plant, Lampranthus. It is a beautiful, beautiful ground cover but it will almost take over a bed so that is the thing about ground covers. You kind of have to keep them under control. They can really multiply and this is called stone crop it is a sedum and it is also a ground cover and it is just beautiful, I love the different colors and then lots of herbs make really great ground covers. These are thymes and different types of thymes and spearmint works very well and then other types of succulents too like hens and chicks make great ground covers and they will just cover an area and I just periodically pull out some of the dead leaves and they'll just keep growing more and more and more but there is other plants that you can use as ground cover, Dianthus in the Fall looks very good but all I do is chop it back down to the ground but leave a little bit of growth on there and it will come back next Summer and have these pink flowers which are just gorgeous and they will bloom all Summer. Periodically just chop them down and they'll keep blooming. So ground covers whether they are in your yard or in your garden are gorgeous to have and if you have an area where the grass isn't growing and your flowers aren't growing and you don't want to deal with it there are so many different ground covers that you can plant. Enjoy.