How to Repair Doggy Damage to the Lawn

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Repair doggy damage to a lawn by cleaning up dog waste and applying top soil to areas of wear and tear. Use leveling products on high-traffic areas for the dog, and put compost over the entire lawn, with advice from a professional landscaper in this free... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace lawns. How to repair dog damage to your lawn. Well, there can be a lot of different things and in some cases the dogs will create their own path going different places across the yard and have their own basically looking highway system of interchanges and circles and so forth and it can be really unattractive. They can also perform their biological functions in places around the yard and that also is not very attractive, so how to repair this damage... Well, the first thing would be to, if it's biological, clean it up, get rid of it. The second that I would do is, if it's a highway system, like we had mentioned, I would bring some good top soil in and fill those areas in, or use a product that's good for lawn leveling would probably be your better bet. A lawn leveling product has sand and compost in a fifty fifty mix. Cover the areas with that, come back, throw some top soil over that lightly, and then thirdly, put some compost over the top of the whole yard. Watering this in through each stage and letting it sit as it goes, these should be ways to really help repair that damage. Another product is the Medina Soil Activator, which would be good to help clean up the biological problem and wash, basically wash the soil out. Aside from that, your only option would be to start completely over and you don't want to do that, so that's basically how we can repair the dog damage and keep the dog happy at the same time.