Dealing with Drift Using a Lawn Duster

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Since we have our duster put together we got dust in it and we have our PPE on, we're going to talk a little bit about drift. Drift is product that goes beyond target areas. Generally speaking it's associated with wind if you're trying to apply a pesticide to your roses or to your lawn you don't the stuff going over into your neighbor?s pool party. So I'm going to walk out here into the wind and we're going to show what 25-30 mph wind will do to this dust. As it blows out we can see that it almost curls back into the tube and blows away immediately even when I get down to the ground. You can see that it moves away from the target area quite rapidly and that's not what you want. When you're applying anything to your lawn even if it's a fertilizer you want it to end up in your lawn. You don't want it to end up in the ditch or the street or in your neighbor?s yard. He probably don't have the same pest problem like you got so non target application associated with drift is a series problem and you need to concerned with especially on windy days like this.