Growing Bamboo From Seeds

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To grow bamboo from seeds, start the seed in a pot or in the ground in the spring or fall, and treat the seed like any other grass seed. Consider starting bamboo plants from a piece of root and stem to start a good root system with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about growing bamboo from seed. Now, there's many different ways that you can grow bamboo and it's a grass, just like the grass in your lawn. You can dig it up and start it from the root. As long as you have a little piece of root and stem, you can have a new plant. Or, you can start it by seed, just like you would start your lawn by grass seed. And, the best way to start it by seed is in the fall. They'll send out all types of shoots with seed on it and you just save that seed and turn around and start it in the spring outside, right in the ground or even over the winter and early spring you can start it right inside in a container and the new bamboo plant will start. Once it's got a good root system, then turn around and put it in the ground. You can buy them by seed or you can buy em by start. It really doesn't matter, you just treat them like the lawn, like your grass seed. And, the best time to start grass seed is in the spring or the fall. If you live in a really cold climate, you wait til the spring. If you live in a warm climate, you can do it spring or fall; it really doesn't matter. The bamboo is so easy to grow.