Transplanting Greens into Rich Soil

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Planting greens in good soil is as simple and plucking and tucking. Learn to use hoop houses for transplanting greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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And as I work, I find it convenient to tuck them in with mulch. Do a row, tuck them in, do a second row, tuck them in. It sometimes helps with a little squeezing of the cell to help, help it come out whole. You might think I'm not being careful enough with these seedlings but I'm always amazed at just, just how hearty and resilient they are. If the root is in tack, if the plant is in tack, it's going to thrive in this fertile compost rich environment. And of course, once we're tucked in with mulch, we're going to want to lightly water them in to mitigate the effect of transplant shock. And again, by transplanting them, even in this cavalier and fast manner, they're going to benefit and quickly kick in and grow. The roots will develop, the leaves will develop. I would say within, within three weeks we'll probably be pruning the outer leaves for our salads and stir fries.