Use of Color in Gardening Design

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am happy to be speaking to you about tips for new gardeners and looking at a garden design in designing your new garden or add a garden. One of the popular trends in garden design being incorporated is these color and whether you use color to enhance or hide or brighten or disguise, there is many different approaches. Whether it is in plant material or whether it is in your furnishings, whether you are trying to match color trim in your house, whether your favorite color is pink and you want to have a big show in the Spring, a colored spring bulbs coming up and just knowing what possibilities there are in terms of your likes for color and to see what is out there with respect to color choices. Some people hate certain colors in their garden and it is certainly then important to stay away from that. A popular tend with regard to color is mast plantings now and therefore having a much more powerful impact, a much simpler approach in terms of the garden design to use mast plantings but very powerful in terms of color factor/color potential. So it depends on your choices and how you want to use color in the garden, different seasons as well plan impact. Again you may see too much of one color in one season and therefore want to bring in another. Also the lack of color in the garden. You may call it that the popularity of a white garden, something very elegant and very defying. It helps you very easily define your approach to plants and plant material because you are just feeling a lot with certainly just the one white flower but also then the leaf color and texture become much more important because you are not distracted by sort of a riot of various colors. So looking at everything and defying your approach in terms of your choices for color.