Tips for Growing Roses

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When growing roses, make sure they're watered properly and planted in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Grow roses with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Yolanda Vanveen from In this segment we are going to learn all about tips for growing roses. I have a lot of them especially on what not to do. I love my roses and I really don't take good enough care of them. These roses right here are just a gorgeous red color but they've gotten too lanky, they're not getting enough sun here. I've got afternoon shade so as you can see here they're reaching for the sun so they're getting taller and taller and taller and even on the climbing roses, I could treat it like a climbing rose and get an arch and it would probably cling on to it really well and it would look really pretty but I still think this is really not enough sun for them. They're getting lanky and they are kind of falling over a bit so the key is I could put them on kind of a trellis or I could do anything else with them to try to make them look good but the two mistakes that I have made is I haven't trimmed these at all. So they've just gotten long and lanky. If I would have trimmed them back in the Spring they would be more full and more like a bush. So that is mistake number one. Mistake number two is I haven't watered them well enough here too. They're against the house and I don't always water here very well and they're kind of near my rock garden so I don't really maintain them good enough so I really think that they need more water than I have been giving them but even with all the terrible care, they still look beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous. Even though I am not taking care of them very well, they don't have enough sun, I'm not watering them well enough and I didn't trim them back so they're just going in one big long clump I still love them and anywhere they grow they seem to look beautiful for me and that's my tip above any others. Your plants don't always have to be perfect. We're not always perfect so enjoy your plants wherever they are at and even if they are tall and lanky, they still give you gorgeous blooms.