Lighting an Indoor Organic Garden

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Creating the proper lighting and lighting techniques to allow your organic garden to thrive indoors is discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Steve from Expert Village and today we are going to be talking about choosing a appropriate to grow your plants with. There are two types of lights; well there are actually several lights on the market. For the two different spectra outputs you can look for. Would be the blue light or a metal high halide light or the red light or the high pressure sodium light. The first light that I mentioned helps to promote growth of the plants. So if you're trying to start seeds and grow plants then you are go ahead and use the blue light. If you want to go ahead flower plants and put out fruit and vegetables or flowers you would go ahead and use the red light. There several different lights you can choose from. Some of the more conventional ones would be the T12 florescent. You'd use the either the cool light or the warm light. To give you both either the flowering or vegetated growth. The only problem with this is about the height it can get. You can grow a plant to about eight inches with these types of light. Then they are pretty much ready to go outside or do something else with them. Another new light that has come out would be the compact florescent light. It's a series of tubes with a balance balance build in like I said you'd get either the sixty four K full spectrum light to grow your plants with for vegetated growth. Or you'll go ahead and get the twenty seven hundred Kelvin. That's the temperature rating to go ahead to flower your plants with. That would be the red light. Another florescent light that?s come out of the market.