Buying Garden Boarders

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Whether you are making a garden bed or a walkway, get tips for picking the perfect garden edging in this free garden craft video from a mosaic artist. View Video Transcript

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin and in this clip I'm going to show you how to make nice looking borders in your yard. In this particular flowerbed, I needed a border of some sort. I have a old brick walkway that I laid here, so I laid this brick on its edge just to define this flowerbed a little bit and to actually raise it up a little bit. It gives me another inch or inch and a half worth of soil area. When I was done planting it, I wanted just a little more in the way of definition and a way to keep animals out. So, you can buy these simple garden edging. They're metal edging, very simple, come with little spikes, stakes to stick them in and literally set them in and step on them and that'll add edging that helps show off the plants, it helps define where the flower bed is and it also keeps dogs out of it, keeps dogs from running back and forth. The other nice thing about them is they're so that you can go around a turn or you can do different shape flower beds, you don't have to have, if they're really long, five, six feet long, then you have to have that long of a surface or a line that you're using and these are short enough that you can bend and make some unusual shapes with them. Using gardening edging helps with basic protection and helps define a flowerbed.