Picking the Right Soil for a Terrarium

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Picking the right soil for a terrarium is important for your pet's health, get expert tips and advice on terrariums and vivariums in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Wes on behalf of Expert Village.com and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about choosing the right kind of soil for your terrarium. If you want to know more about tropical plants and carnivorous plants you can visit us at equilibriocarnivorousplants.com. One of the most important things when you are trying to decide about planting your terrarium is deciding what kind of soil to use. Now the kind of soil you use is going to be determined by what kind of plants or animals you have inside of your terrarium. One typical type of soil is this cocoa peat. It comes in a brick like this but you have to soak it in water in order to be able to use it. You can place it in a tray of water like this but it usually takes about an hour to half an hour for it to absorb enough water to be able to use. We are going to make this terrarium a tropical picture plant terrarium so we are going to use a mixture that is perfect for nepenthes or tropical picture plants. This mixture consists of this bark mulch substance and also this peat moss. Now the reason we use this for these tropical picture plants is that it has slightly acidic qualities and it is also very rich in nutrients. Now the other thing that tropical picture plants need is that they absolutely require a lot of drainage. They love a lot of water but they hate their roots soaking in water. So we use this bark mulch so that the water passes quickly through their root system even though they get water constantly. So the type of mixture we want to use is about 70 percent mulch and about 30 percent peat moss. So here we are going to take a large portion of the wood chips and roughly 30 percent peat moss. It doesn’t have to be absolutely exact and we are going to mix these together incorporating them as best we can. The other thing you want to make sure about is that your soil is nice and moist before you plant the plants. You want to make sure especially when you are working with carnivorous plants that you are using distilled water or rain water. In other kind of water can kill your plants fairly quickly. You want to make sure that this water has absolutely no chlorine in it. So we add the water to the soil and mix it through thoroughly. Now we are ready to place the soil inside of the tank.