Gardening Products for Fruit Trees

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From blood meal to soil activator, learn what gardening products are best to use for growing fruit trees in this free online gardening and tree cultivation instructional video from a landscaping professional. View Video Transcript

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These are some of the other products that I use. Blood meal is good for increasing your fruit, so that’s something that you can either sprinkle around the tree or it’s good to mix it in with your dirt when you’re planting a tree. This is a soil activator. And it’s not necessary to use, but I like to use it on any new bed or new garden, or if I install a fruit tree, or anything that’s new. What happens is, when you put in a new bed, the soil is sort of sterile, it doesn’t have the bacteria built up in it yet, and this activates that. it gives the soil what it needs for the bacteria to grow and the whole ecosystem just comes to life. If you did it naturally, it would still happen- if you put in a lot of organic matter- but it would take about three years, and this makes it happen in the first season. And this is, we do organic gardening, so we don’t use chemicals, but this is something we use. It’s bacillus thuringiensis, and it’s for caterpillars. So anytime you have caterpillars on your fruit trees or any ornamental shrubs, or your pecan trees, or anything- any of those little webby things, you can use this with a hose sprayer. Again, it tells you how much per gallon and you set your sprayer to that measurement and that will take care of it. And this is an organic product, it’s a bacteria, and it basically gives the caterpillars dysentery and they die.