How to Select Basic Garden Tools

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Maintaining a garden requires several basic tools, including a shovel, a hoe and pruning sheers. Pick out basic garden tools with tips from a landscaper in this free video on gardening and lawn care. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Lets talk a little bit about selection of basic gardening tools. Every gardener needs a round point shovel. That's the best tool in the world for digging, breaking up the soil, turning things over, it comes in really handy for a lot of different uses. However, sometimes when digging, the soil will compact to the blade of the shovel, that's where the digging fork comes in handy. For it allows you to break up the soil and not have that compaction problem while you're digging. This is good especially when you're digging up plants, so you can be real careful to avoid roots, and not break them off, a valuable tool as well. Lets don't forget the standard hoe; Santa Claus used one all the time, because he's always, ho, ho, hoing. Be sure that it's sharp, but it's a good multi use tool, especially for pulling weeds, and things of that nature. A cultivator is nice, it looks like a hay fork, but it's bent. It works really well around the plants, for loosening the soil, keeping things loose for moisture to penetrate the root system, another good tool to have. Where would we be without the leaf rake. This one happens to be a metal adjustable one, a really good rake. It has seen lots of days of use, and still hanging in there. Light weight, easy on the fingers when you're controlling it, it does not tear up the turf. Be real careful with the ends of your leaf rakes, so that when you're raking, you're not pulling the turf up. Very good rake to have, and a lot of use out of it in the fall and through the winter and early spring. Another good rake to have is what we call the dirt rake, or the garden rake. Good for raking the dirt, the soil, you can turn it over, once you get the heavy work done with the teeth, turn it over on this end, drag and level things out. Good to use when you're top dressing your lawn, good to use when you're doing a buildup bed, or you're just clearing out an area in the garden. The old standby shrub trimmers. I don't care, you can get a gasoline or an electric one, but I really don't think that you can get any better than this. We still use these commercially on our job today. Yes, we have the gasoline trimmers to, but these work especially when you're fine tuning the shrub. I like to use it with the curve facing the plant. Light weight, excellent job for keeping all shrubs trimmed, and some other large plants as well, different ornamental grasses, and so forth, good tool for that. Last but not least, your pruning sheers. These are ideal for trimming, pruning plants, trees, anything up to about 3 1/4 of an inch in diameter, perfect. Make sure that you always keep them sharp, and they will work forever. These are just a few of the good gardening tools that you should have, in order to perform your gardening task.