How to Keep Fresh Dirt in a Garden Planter or Flower Pot

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Learn how to maintain fresh dirt inside your flower pot or garden planter in this free gardening video clip on garden planters, pots and flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson on behalf of Expert and I am here in this clip to show you how to prevent your dirt from falling through the hole of the bottom of your pot. Now some pots come with very big holes in the bottom. Most pots on the other hand come with small. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. When you have a large hole in the bottom of the pot you have to put something behind it so that your dirt as you are pouring it in does not pour out as fast as you pour it in. Now a simple trick is to take a piece of paper. Now this is just plain white paper. There is no ink on it, no pencil on it, no pen, nothing. It’s plain white piece of paper. You don’t want to use a newspaper because it has that ink that comes off of your fingers. It is also not good for the plant. It is okay in a pinch and if you are going to use it try to use a part that does not have any ink on it and never ever use colored paper or the colored funnies from the newspaper. The plants hate that. They don’t like the jokes either. Now plants are really particular so what you do is take this white piece of paper and you fold it over a couple of times just to get it thick and then you just cut a little part off big enough to cover the hole in the bottom of your pot. Now you dampen this and put it in the bottom of the pot. The reason you dampen it is so when you pour your dirt on it, it doesn’t move and in the bottom of your pot is covering the hole. Then you put your dirt in it, then you put your plant in it and you water your plant and you are fine to go. You don’t worry about the paper because paper is very porous and within a couple of days it will be gone and the dirt will stay in because it set and water can drain out but the dirt is not going to pour out. This is how you plug a hole in the pot.