How to Make Black Roses

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Black roses are grown by taking the pollen and attaching it to a flower that the gardener is trying to get a seed from. Discover how roses can move from a dark purple color to a black color with help from an urban horticulturist and gardening adviser in... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Now a lot of folks like the idea of having a black rose. And I can tell you up until now there really hasn't been a perfect black rose. Now how do you get a different variety, something like a black rose. You can take the pollen, remember going back to your science there stamen and there is the anthers, and the anthers are the male part of the flower. You take the pollen from there and attach it by rubbing it using a little paint by numbers brush, to a flower that you are trying to get seed from. And in this case, we've gotten some black roses that are kind of a dark purple, they are not a true black yet. But, hybridizers are always working for unique and different colors. And of course, everybody wants something that they don't have. This obviously isn't a black rose. But if you took the pollen from this, and you started to put it with a darker colored flower, eventually you start to get after, generation and after generation you start to get flowers that might be more towards the darker black color. They have worked with yellows and reds and a multitude of rainbow of different kinds of colors that can be in a rose plant. And so they are working on new colors all the time. One of these day I'll probably have a pretty true black rose, until then we'll have something that's pretty close. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.