Adding Mulch to Perennial Flowers

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Mulch add nutrients to your garden. Get tips for mulching perennial flowers in this free video clip about gardening. View Video Transcript

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Now we've got our bulbs watered in, and at the right depth according to the label. In order to hold a little moisture on these spots, so that they don't dry out quite as quickly an also to supply a little nutrient over time we are going to put some bark mulch on there. It is kind of sort of composted already. It is not a composted color, because a lot of under composed material but putting it on top, for one thing until it comes up will definitely mark the location, so if you are like me you won't end up trying to plant something else on top of it because you have forgotten you have put a bulb there. As I was saying a while ago over time, this stuff will decay. As it decays, this pine bark mulch, as it decays it will particularly good for my soil because this is highly alkaline soil, so I need to acidify the soil, and pine bark mulch is a good way to do it. Pine needles are a little bit more acidic, but that's not what I have, so I am going to mulch these things in order to hold in moisture, supply some nutrient over time and hopefully help acidify the soil in the area where the roots are. That can make all the difference in the world in establishing these bulbs.