Common Mistakes When Gardening

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Okay, common garden mistakes. I would have to say probably the greatest mistake that most people make is watering. Too much water is not necessary. What is good for a garden is consistent water. That is the best ideal but you do not want to over water. You want to get things in. Make sure that your soil is damp but if you've got good organic soil, you don't need to worry about whether or not the surface feels dry. So check underneath. Go down into the soil when you are trying to determine if your soil is dry or not. Go underneath. Go a couple three or four inches deep and see what it is like down there because you've probably if you've got plenty of organic material in your soil at all, you will find moisture down there and if you don't, then add some water. Now another mistake is illustrated here. There are too many plants in this bed. These are large pumpkin plants and there were too many of them put into this small of space and therefore, these pumpkins are not going to be able to grow large enough. That is why all the pumpkins in this bed are quite small. Because they were too crowded and that is another common mistake, is crowding. Now the last I will say is about these pumpkins also. If you grow something like pumpkins or winter squash, let them stay outside. If you don't have a frost, a hard frost or freeze, that means that it has to get down to about thirty-five degrees or below, then let them sit outside. They will harden. They will get firmer. They will last much longer. They will be much better produce if you let them sit out.