How to Plan & Plant a Lawn

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To plan and plant a lawn, consider how much shade the yard area will get, pick a grass that is appropriate for the area, get rid of existing weeds, rake in some compost to the soil, lay down sod or plant grass seeds, and water the area heavily for the... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. How to plan and plant a lawn. Well, most turf grass, is going to want to grow in the sun. So shade is going to limit where that grass can go. Some strains of Saint Augustine, the Palmetto, and the Amerishade, will tolerate shade. More so than the others. Saint Augustine as a whole, tolerates shade a little bit. Bermuda grass, your Bermuda grass, hybrids, and other grasses, do not want the shade at all. They do not like it. So you're going to be limited to sunny areas. And I say sunny areas, you can get by with about six hours of sunlight a day. Grass will probably want eight. Not probably, it will want eight, but in that six, to eight hour time frame, is good for sunlight. So keeping that in mind, outside of that, morning sun, noon, early afternoon, it's going to be better than mid, to late afternoon sun. It's just not quite as harsh. So these are some things to keep in mind, when you're planning where, and that grass is going to go. How to plant it, depending on what type of grass you want, for instance Bermuda grass, you can lay sod, or you can seed it. Saint Augustine is all sod. So some of your grass is sod, some of it's seed, some of it you have a choice. But you want to prep that ground, that surface where that grass is growing. Make sure that it's free from weeds. The best thing to do on that is to by hand, dig up any weeds that are in the area first, solarize the soil, cover it with plastic, make sure no air gets in under it, for about 10, to 20 days depending. Let the sun hit it. Then come in and add some good compost. Mix that together, rake your area out flat, and then proceed with your grass. Either seed, or sod. If you're going the sod route, once the sod is in, you will want to come back and spray that with a seaweed solution. Because seaweed is a really good, root activator. In either case, you're going to need to water this for a period of about 12, to 20 days, everyday. The first day you will want to water it really heavy, and on your days after that, you want to water it enough just to keep it from drying out. This will help the seed to germinate. It will help the roots to establish from the sod. Once you notice a good coverage from the seed, once you see some growth in your sod, then you can start returning, going back to a more normal watering schedule. These are just some ideas of how to plan your lawn, and then how to plant it.