Organic Gardening: Bacterial Inoculants

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Bacterial inoculants can assist your organic garden. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Steve for Expert Villiage and today we will be talking about different organic bacterial inoculates you can add to your soil or to your hydroponic system in order to help your plants grow better. Some of the more familiar ones on the market are your mycorrhizae, which is an inoculate which they use in order to help the roots grow better and help the plants assimilate nutrients better. You can get it in either a power form where you can sprinkle it in the garden or in a tablet form where you can plant underneath your plants. Another form that they have would be in a liquid form where you mix the two liquids together, one is the actual inoculate, the other is the food for the inoculate. These will help your roots to grow better. Other inoculates that they have is a Sub Culture, which has all the different bacilli inoculates will help to keep off any root rot, or pythium or fusarium, which are different diseases that plants can get when they are growing. There is also a liquid one which is a hydroguard, that one is used more for hydroponic systmes, you can use it in soil as well. What it is, is also just a bacilli inoculate. There are all different brands and formulas of the same thing. This one right here is a spray that you will use to control mold and mildew, it's also a bacilli inoculate, but it instead of four different bacilli, it has over seven hundred different types of bacilli. Inoculates are very important in organic gardening because they help the plants to either fight off disease or assimilate nutrients better.